Kit for Travelling to the Caribbean – Basic Living

So, what does one pack when heading to an unknown island for months on end? COFFEE. Bags of coffee. Despite the proximity to South America, coffee is disproportionately expensive to obtain here! Of course, as with many trips, once you have visited once you would have a much better idea of targeted collection of usefulContinue reading “Kit for Travelling to the Caribbean – Basic Living”

Wildlife of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Despite being a modest chain of islands, the Grenadines boast a vast array of wildlife; from parrots to pufferfish, and tuna to turtles. However, as with many remote islands, the wildlife in the Grenadines has taken its fair share of persecution over the years. This is due to a host of reasons, ranging from habitatContinue reading “Wildlife of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines”

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